Specify a torque schedule as a function of speed.


torq_sched [f=<torq_sched_file>] [on=<on_event>] [off=<off_event>] [rls=<release_event>] [pi=<index>]



Optional. Specify the name of a file that specifies an input-output relationship between speed and load. The file must be in the form of a calibration table. Default file = /specs/torq_sched_spec.


Optional. Specify the name of an event to activate torque scheduling mode. Default name = on_tq.


Optional. Specify the name of an event to deactivate torque scheduling mode. Default name = off_tq.


Optional. Specify the name of an event to terminate torque scheduling. Default name = rls_tq.


Optional. Specify an index indicating which one of FAS, MED, SLO processing intervals should be used for torque sheduling. FAS=0, MED=1, SLO=2. Default index = 0.


torq_sched f=/specs/torq_sched.115 &
The above command establishes a torque scheduler model as specified in the file /specs/torq_sched.115. The CyFlex events ‘on_tq’ will start the scheduling, ‘off_tq’ will pause the scheduling, -‘rls_tq’ will terminate the scheduling process.

The torque scheduling will be updated at the FAS rate.


The torq_sched command establishes the characteristics of a control mode which applies load as a function of speed. The load applied is specified in the calibration table file given via the ‘f=’ option when torq_sched is spawned. The torque scheduler mode is activated when the on event is received, at which point the torque control loop’s reference value is continuously updated as a function of speed and the specified torque scheduler characteristics. The torque scheduler mode is deactivated when the off event is received. The torque reference remains at the last value.

Torque scheduler modeling is used in gen-set transient load testing. To run this the controls specified should establish the dynamometer as controlling torque, and the throttle will be in open loop mode. General usage logical variables may be used to establish and control the on and off events from the keyboard or from gp_test.

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