Specify user control task configuration


user_ctrl_specs [user_control_spec_file] [loop_name]



Optional unless a loop_name is specified. Specify the  specification filename to configure the user control task. The default is user_ctrl_specs.NNN.


Optional. Specify a single loop that should be configured. Because the loop name is also used for the registered name, it will have to be shortened to 28 characters so the first 28 characters must be unique.


1. To view the documentation on specifying user loops via KEYWORDS, see the user_ctrl_specs.def file.

2. Depending on what is specified, if anything, for the ‘control_spec_file’ argument, different actions are taken. See the examples below for the different actions.


The above command configures the user control task with the default user_ctrl_specs file.  Assuming that the command is executed at test cell NNN, the default file is: /specs/user_ctrl_specs.NNN is used.

A separate instance of the user_ctrl_task will be launched for each user loop.  The loops are configured one at a time.  If the file is being re-processed, all instances of user_ctrl_task will continue to run using the arguments they were originally launched with.  If an argument for the user_ctrl_task needs to be changed, such as “critical”, then that instance must be slayed before reprocessing the specification file.

user_ctrl_specs /specs/my_user_ctrl_specs
The above command results in the file /specs/my_user_ctrl_specs being processed.

user_ctrl_specs /specs/my_user_ctrl_specs   desired_loop_name
The above command is a special case. If the second argument to user_ctrl_specs is specified, then only the loop specified will be configured.


Use the errs command to check for errors after using this command.

See Also:

errs, CyFlex User Control Loops