Change Units of a PAM Datapoint file in the current directory.


changeUnits <filename> <PAM_keyword> <new_PAM_unit>


filename Specify the PAM filename in which to change the keyword.  Wild cards are valid.
PAM_keyword Specify the PAM keyword that is associated with the units to change.
new_PAM_unit Specify the new PAM unit to associate with the specified PAM_keyword.


changeUnits USER1@22  LB/MIN  MYTESTID.*

The above command changes the units associated with PAM keyword USER1@22 to LB/MIN in any PAM datapoint file whose name begins with ‘MYTESTID’ in the current directory.  It reads each file and replaces any found units for PAM keyword USER1@22 with LB/MIN.


Be sure to ‘cd’ to the directory containing the files to be changed before entering the command.

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