Control the sequencing and reporting of various channel measurements. The channels are specified in the /specs/pam_specs.nnn as Variable Lists, each delimited in the file by a $ line.


datapoint [spc_specs.NNN_filename]  [-csv] &



Specify the spc specs file that is modified between fuel readings without restarting the datapoint task.


Specify this option to write the log file in .csv format.


datapoint /cyflex/datapoint/datapoint2.spc


Variable values may be time-averaged or instantaneous. In particular, the Fuel Reading Variable List is a set of specified channel values averaged between start and stop events from a designated collector task. A Fuel Reading is the time-averaging of various performance measurements to represent the steady-state performance of the engine. For averaged values, the program configures a list of channels and sends the list to the stat_child task.

After data for a Variable List is available, various flow and performance computations are made. The results are written into PAM Datapoint and local Fuel Log files.

datapoint is usually started in the Go Script, /cell/go.scp, as part of the normal CyFlex startup sequence. It runs perpetually, responding appropriately to external CyFlex events.

Specification => /cyflex/datapoint/datapoint2.spc

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