Analyze and report real-time smoke data from Federal Smoke Cycle test.


fedSmokeRep [cyc=smoke cycle #] {tot=total # of smoke cycles] [tes=emissions test #] [rep=test repeat #] [cell=Log Outtest cell #] [bas=string] [ban=L | R] [uni=E|M]


cyc Optional. Specify the smoke cycle number. The default is set in the gp_test_smoke test script.
tot Optional. Specify the total number of test smoke cycles. The default is 3.
tes Optional. Specify the emissions test number. The default is the current test.
rep Optional. Specify the number of times to repeat the test. The default is 1.
cell Optional. Specify the test cell number. The default is the current cell.
bas Optional. Specify the base filename string for Realtime Smoke Data input. The default is smk.

Optional. Specify the cylinder bank for Federal Smoke Reports:

  • Specify L to include the left cylinder bank in the report.
  • Specify R to include the right cylinder bank in the report.

If this option is specified, the output report will include either a Left Cylinder Bank field or a Right Cylinder Bank field.


Optional. Specify whether units of the input data are English or Metric. Specify E for English or M for Metric. The default is E.


The preceding produces the summary report for all three cycles in the most recent test at the current cell.

fedSmokeRep cyc=1
The preceding produces the cycle and development reports for cycle 1.

fedSmokeRep tes=4
The preceding produces a summary report for a prior test 4.


Three related CyFlex Variables are created in the Performance Labels specs. They are:

    • smk_test for smoke test #
    • smk_repeat for smoke test repeat #
    • smk_cycle  for smoke test cycle #

Set smk_test to 1 at the beginning of a series of smoke tests. It is then automatically advanced in the gp_fed_smoke test script.

Set smk_repeat to 0 unless a test is repeated. It should then be advanced from the console for each repeat of the test, and finally reset to 0 before the next test starts.

smk_cycle is set automatically to 1, 2 and 3 as the gp_fed_smoke test script performs the three smoke cycles.

fedSmokeRep reads smoke data files in /data/PC_format and writes smoke reports in /data/fed_smoke.

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