Harvest all of the associations of channels with MUA instance names. These associations are defined in calibration channels and in mua_specs file. The default filename is /specs/mua_specs.NNN (where NNN is the cell_name). An optional argument can be used to select an alternate location for the spec file pathname.


mua_specs [optional spec file pathname]


optional spec file pathname Optional. Specify a mua specification file path.


mua_specs — use default /specs/mua_specs.NNN

mua_specs /cell/mua_specs — use /cell/mua_specs file


This program also launches the “mua_status” report generator whose output goes to /data/mua_data/mua_status.

The output is a file that is placed in /data/transfer/mua_data/. This file will be transferred to the PAM database where subsequent PAM datapoints will use it as a reference for various measurements and calculations.

If a TestID extension is not present in the /specs/ file, the default to use the site name from the /cell/site_special file.

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