Segment floger data


segment_logr <filename> [+l]



Specify the full name of the floger data file that contains the data to be segmented. If a complete path is not specified, then the file is assumed to reside in the directory /data/PC_format.


If this argument is specified, the data will be segmented so that the files may be printed in the landscape mode. If this argument is not specified, then the data will be segmented to be compatible with the portrait printer mode.


segment_logr floger.dat
The above command reads the file floger.dat in the directory /data/PC_format and create a file, floger.dat.SEG, in the same directory. The new file contains the same data as the original file except it is limited to 80 column width (default mode) or 110 column width (+l option).


1. When the portrait mode is selected, the file will contain a maximum of 5 columns of data. Any data columns that are beyond the 5th column will be ‘wrapped’ and placed below the previous data group. The process of ‘wrapping’ the data will be repeated until all the data in the original file has been written to the new file. When the landscape mode is selected a maximum of 7 columns is used instead of 5.

2. The input file may have additional headers. If they exist they will be ignored. However, the number of data values must be the same for each group in the file.

3. The input file may be in the ‘packed’ format or ‘non-packed’ format or a combination of both.

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