1000 Variables that can be averaged during PAM acquisition datapoint

In versions of cyflex earlier than 6.0.5, there were only 512 variables that could be averaged during the acquisition of a PAM datapoint. These are the variables in a pam_specs.NNN file which contain the key “AVER”.

If you are running 6.0.4 or 3.5.6, or Oct.09 or similar versions earlier that 6.0.5, you can determine how close you are to the limit with the following command

grep AVER /specs/pam_specs.<TC> | wc -l

This will report the number of lines that contain the AVER string. It will also count any lines that happened to be commented out. Unfortunately, if you exceed 512, the datapoint task will die without reporting an error once you exceed the limit.

In cyflex.6.0.5 and later versions, the default number of averaged variables is 1000, but you can modify that value up or down with the PAM_stats=xxx argument of “sys_start” in the go.scp startup script. PAM itself now supports up to 2000 variables in a datapoint.

If you need to upgrade from one of these early versions, we suggest that you install the latest release, which is cyflex.6.1.2