Bug with application of @LIMIT_SPECS_ALL keyword in Test Manager (gp_test)

In all versions of CyFlex prior to the 6.3.24 release, there is a bug in how the @LIMIT_SPECS_ALL keyword is handled in gp_test.

Example Usage:





       #Variable  value       Upper/Lower  process_interval  period

       A          100[rpm]    L            SLO               0[s]

       B          my_limits   U            MED               0[s]

       C          10[kpa]     L            MED               1[s]

  1. If the list of limits does not change after first using this keyword in a procedure, it will work properly even after successive restarts by the “nt” command.
  2. If the list of limits is modified by either removing one of the limits or changing the specifications in such a way that an error occurs which disallows the limit, then the result will be invalid and the exit path will not be executed when the remaining limits are violated. For example, if you were to change the variable label “A” to “D” and “D” is not a valid variable, then the exit path will not be executed when B and C are violated.
  3. In CyFlex version earlier than 6.3.24, when the specification needs to be modified, the only way to ensure that it will work properly is to release the gp_test instance and then re-launch it and restart the test.