Catalyst Aging Services

To support your  catalyst testing program, you need state-of-the-art technology, precise testing and data, and fast results. SGS’s catalyst aging services utilizes our patented C-FOCAS® and natural gas burner technology to help significantly reduce aging costs and over-temperature conditions for OEMs and suppliers. We also provide burner manufacturing, engineering services, and support for your aging program

  • Age full-sized automotive catalyst systems rapidly and precisely
  • Simulate the flow of exhaust gas from an engine under a variety of load conditions
  • Gain aging for three-way catalysts, using gasoline, natural gas, and propane fuels with our stoichiometric combustion systems
  • Accurately inject oil or metered poison to simulate engine oil consumption
  • Benefit from independent control of thermal effects and the effects caused by lubrication oil poisoning
  • Age catalysts with or without oil poisoning effects
  • Precisely control catalyst aging temperature with less variation and to higher extremes than can be obtained from an engine-based system for higher reliability
  • Simulate high-engine exhaust temperatures and maximum flow-rates with hot gas burners (temperatures and flows can be cycled to accelerate thermal-cycling)
  • Simulate how an oil leak can alter the aging for a catalyst
  • Correlate our C-FOCUS® burner to pre-existing aging cycles as well as further develop the cycle to higher temperatures in order to reduce the overall time and cost of your aging program