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Catalyst Aging Services

To support your  catalyst testing program, you need state-of-the-art technology, precise testing and data, and fast results. SGS’s catalyst aging services utilizes our patented C-FOCAS® and natural gas burner technology to help significantly reduce aging costs and over-temperature conditions for OEMs and suppliers. We also provide burner manufacturing, engineering services, and support for your aging

TRP Battery Testing Services – Worldwide

Life cycle testing Verify how long a battery lasts and demonstrate the quality of the product to customers. These tests include cycle life testing, environmental cycle testing and calendar life testing. Abuse testing Simulate extreme environmental conditions and scenarios exceeding the operation conditions. Performance testing Demonstrate the efficiency of batteries. Our experts can customize testing

SGS In Use Verification program

SGS IN-USE VERIFICATION PROGRAM SGS IS YOUR GLOBAL EXPERT IN TURNKEY VEHICLE PROCUREMENT & TESTING SERVICES All of SGS’s provided services, including procurement and chassis dynamometer testing, are performed in full compliance with the US EPA, CARB, and CAP 2000 Emissions requirements. IN-USE PROCUREMENT Complete services for obtaining inuse vehicles for compliance testing All tasks

Program Management Services

Defining and Delivering Successful Projects We believe successful projects require a team that understands the testing technology as well as the process of project delivery SGS Columbus leads projects for new and renovated testing facilities and systems by: Listening to the testing requirements Understand and document the objectives Define test capabilities, data, and test articles

Optional process for automatically updating *.dat files in CyFlex exists

Starting with cyflex.6.2.11, the option to automatically update the *.dat files within CyFlex was enabled within the sys_start program. If the following keyword information is within the /data/cell_map_location file on a test cell, the specified .dat files will be updated when a sys_start is executed within the go.  If it is preferred that the *.dat

Large Format Cold Testing

SGS PROVIDES CONVENIENTLY BAD WEATHER ALL YEAR LONG FOR YOUR COLD TESTING NEEDS Rapid product development cycles depend on planed work. Waiting for the weather to diagnose or validate a product feature adds months of schedule and uncertainty to development programs, and working in weather can be inconvenient and dangerous. SGS’s expansive climate center in