CyFlex 7.0.16 Release – 01/10/24

SGS would like to announce the official release of CyFlex 7.0.16.

NOTE: All cyflex versions of 7.0.13, 7.0.14, and 7.0.15 MUST be updated to version 7.0.16
It has been determined that a bug was introduced within the cyflex 7.0.13 version pertaining to MIN and MAX macros called within cyflex source code files. The source code files of numerous cyflex applications are affected by this bug and may affect the way applications behave.

For information about the CyFlex 7.0.16 release, please refer to the following links.

  • Release Notes Details: * Jira Filter for CyFlex 7.0.16 Issues
    Note: *To access the Jira filter link, you must first be logged into Jira. If you are not a Jira user please send a request for the information. If there is not a Jira user at your site, then please contact to get that set up.


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