documentation format changes

The PDFs in the CyFlex Manuals section on have undergone retrofit to SGS-centric templates to convey a consistent look and feel across the document collection.

For applicable PDFs, table of contents entries, intra-document cress-references, and cross-document links are active/clickable.

The Subversion library has been updated in parallel with to facilitate Cummins Wiki alignment.

Several documents, formerly presented on in “white paper format” or that were brief CyFlex task or reference information are converted to Knowledge Articles. The intent of Knowledge Articles is to provide specialized, self-contained topics to supplement user guide and reference documents or to provide task content too brief to require a formal table of contents.

The CyFlex Manuals page is structured to delineate Knowledge Articles content within applicable categories.

In early 2024, CyFlex Manuals and non-legacy content on is rebranded to TRP Laboratories.