Gantner Q.bloxx X-series IO can be purchased and used to communicate with CyFlex

Starting with cyflex.6.3.33 or cyflex.7.0.8B, Gantner Q.bloxx X-series IO can be purchased and used to communicate with CyFlex.  eblox_srvr has been modified to allow UDP streaming with these devices, and our EtherCAT driver has been updated to support the Gantner Q.bloxx X-series modules which support EtherCAT communication.

For using eblox_srvr, the Q.station XB is the most economical solution as a controller.  For EtherCAT, a Q.bloxx XE BC Bus Coupler can be purchased and the IO can stream directly to CyFlex without the use of a more expensive Gantner controller.  If a more sophisticated EtherCAT controller is desired, the Q.station XT EC can be purchased.

For hardware-specific questions, contact SGS.

The following IO modules were specifically verified to work using eblox_srvr using the Q.station XB and the Q.station XT:

Q.bloxx XL A101
Q.bloxx XL A107
Q.bloxx XL A108
Q.bloxx XL A109
Q.bloxx XL A192
Q.bloxx XL D101
Q.bloxx XL D107

The following modules were verified to work with ecat_srvr using the Q.station XT EC and the Q.bloxx XE BC bus coupler:

Q.bloxx XE A101
Q.bloxx XE A107
Q.bloxx XE A109

All Q.bloxx X-series IO modules will be supported using EtherCAT and eblox_srvr.  For EtherCAT, you have the option of using ecat_mon to stream directly to variables or go through the attribute layer to mimic eblox_srvr and snapio_srvr functionality and configuration.

If you have any issues getting these series modules to work with CyFlex, contact SGS for support by entering a Jira issue.