Information about DARTS

A new database has been added called DARTS, and the 6.3.x versions of CyFlex have new tasks to communicate with the DARTS database. The DARTS database replaces the PAM database with new and improved features for better data acquisition outside of CyFlex. The purpose of DARTS database is to address some long-time user needs which have been exceedingly difficult to address within PAM.

Most tasks that were associated with PAM have a new version for DARTS. Below are some of the old tasks in PAM, and what there is now for DARTS:

PAM Task Names                     DARTS Task Names
datapoint         =>  darts_datapoint
setPAMtestid      =>  setDARTStestid
setPAMpoint       =>  setDARTSpoint
pam_specs         =>  darts_specs
pamStatus         =>  dartsStatus
pamResend         =>  dartsResend
changeKeyword     =>  changeDartsKeyword
changeTestidPtAll =>  changeDartsTestidPtAll
PAMheader         =>  
No equivalent, no longer needed as header information is in the datapoint file now

Once the test cell is ready to be converted from PAM to DARTS, ‘pam_specs‘ and ‘PAMheader‘ should be removed from the go.scp file and the ‘datapoint‘ task must be replaced with ‘darts_datapoint‘ in the go.scp file. Along with replacing ‘datapoint‘ with ‘darts_datapoint‘, there are spec file changes.  The ‘/specs/‘ file should be converted to a new ‘/specs/‘ file. For more information on converting the spec file, you can view Converting from PAM to DARTS.

There is also a new ‘logger‘ task called ‘dlogger‘ that can send ‘logger‘ information to the DARTS system using a CyFlex external data manager service which may prove useful for many users. ‘dlogger‘ also has a new GUI with it called ‘dloggereditor‘ that can set up the spec file easily before running ‘dlogger‘. For additional information about the ‘dlogger‘ and ‘dloggereditor‘ tasks, you can view Logging Data Using dlogger

For additional information, you can visit this site as well: DARTS – Cyflex User Portal