Problems can occur when updating the SL kernel and the repos files are incorrect

If your CyFlex system isn’t running the 754 kernel and you attempt to update it, you will likely need to make changes to your .repo files in order to get the install to correctly complete. If not, you will get the following error during the yum update process:

Error 14 problem making ssl connection

If you don’t have these repos in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory:


  1. Use these commands to retrieve the acdc_repos RPM that contains the repos files you need to upgrade:

$ cd /tmp

$ wget --user=cyflexuser --password=<REPLACE WITH DEFAULT CYFLEXUSER PASSSWORD>

Note: Remember to replace the <REPLACE WITH DEFAULT CYFLEXUSER PASSWORD> with the actual password.

  1. Next, install the rpm:

$ sudo yum –assumeyes localinstall ./acdc_repos-1.0.2-Linux.rpm

  1. Disable or remove any repositories that have an ‘s’ in the ‘https’. You can perform the following commands to know which .repo files may need to be altered:

$ grep https /etc/yum.repos.d/*

The following is an example output from the grep command above:

grep: backup: Is a directory

  1. Next, edit these files as sudo or super user and look for any https url’s and change enabled to 0:


  1. Then execute the following command:

sudo yum clean all

After this, you should be able to upgrade to the 754 kernel.