Program Management Services

Defining and Delivering Successful Projects

We believe successful projects require a team that understands the testing technology as well as the process of project delivery

SGS Columbus leads projects for new and renovated testing facilities and systems by:

Listening to the testing requirements

  • Understand and document the objectives
  • Define test capabilities, data, and test articles
  • Identify and engage stakeholders early
  • Record constraints; budget, schedule, or infrastructure

Defining the testing technology

  • Develop a realistic project scope
  • Evaluate options against objectives
  • Identify short/long term objectives and phasing
  • Align scope and budget – avoid the “funding loop”

Managing the team and delivering the project

  • Evaluate alternative delivery models
  • Balance cost, schedule and risk
  • Manage change, control scope, schedule and budget
  • Schedule for phasing, cash flow, funding and decision making

Verifying the outcome

  • Define “done”, manage final acceptance plan
  • Establish responsibilities, hold all accountable
  • Plan for handover, training and long term support
  • Meet the objectives and satisfy the stakeholders