SGS Battery Testing Services – Worldwide

Life cycle testing

Verify how long a battery lasts and demonstrate the quality of the product to customers.
These tests include cycle life testing, environmental cycle testing and calendar life

Abuse testing

Simulate extreme environmental conditions and scenarios exceeding the operation

Performance testing

Demonstrate the efficiency of batteries. Our experts can customize testing programs
to suit specific customer requirements such as performance testing under various
climatic conditions, or drive cycles.

Environmental and durability testing

Demonstrate the quality and reliability of your battery. Our tests include vibration, shock, EMC, thermal cycling, corrosion, dust, salt and humidity tests.

Transport testing

All lithium ion batteries are required to undergo testing to UN 38.3 prior to shipping. These test subject batteries and cells to conditions they would experience during shipping and handling, including extreme temperature conditions, shock, impact and short circuit testing to ensure the stability of batteries and cells.