Check gp_test specification. The ck command reads the specified test procedure file and checks for proper syntax. Use the ck command to error-check the syntax of a test procedure file before the spec file is run with the nt command. 


ck <gp_test_spec_file>



Specify the gp_test specification filename to check.


ck gp_hotshut
The above command checks the gp_test procedure that runs a hot-shutdown cycle.


Use the “errs” command to check for error messages. Many of the errors will be reported to the console, but not all.

After the file is read into memory, it is re-formatted and written out to a file in /ram/ with the same name but with an ‘X’ appended to the name. This file is generated from the specifications that are found in memory and will not contain any comment lines entered into the file.

See Also:

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