gp_test runs the Test Manager.


gp_test [header_filename] &



An optional name of a header file which defines certain basic characteristics of the test environment. If the filename is not specified, then the default filename is /specs/gp/gp_header.


gp_test  &

The above command reads the default gp_test header file /specs/gp/gp_header.

gp_test /specs/gp/pierburg_header &

The above command reads the specified gp_test header file /specs/gp/pierburg_header.


Starting a test

The test is started by first executing the nt application as shown below

nt <procedure filename> [mode=N] [+r] [t=instance name]

procedure filename

The filename of a root test procedure. If this is not a complete pathname, the file is assumed to reside in /specs/gp/ directory. Otherwise a complete pathname can be used


This is an optional argument which specifies that the test begin at the specified mode rather than the ‘start_mode’ specified in the procedure file.


This is an optional flag which is used to force the test procedure to jump to a new mode without re-reading the test procedure file. This is used only in conjunction with the mode=N option.


The registered name of an instance of gp_test for which this command is intended. The registered name is specified in the header file when gp_test is launched. The default registered name is “test”.

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