Test Manager Keywords

@AK_COMMAND-Send Command to AK Device
@AKSYNC-Send Command to Asynchronous AK Device
@AKSYNC_ACTIONS-Specify when to Send AKSYNC Command Failure
@AKSYNC_RESTART-End and Restart AKSYNC Collector Task
@ASAM3_ACTIONS-Communicate with CUTY System via TCP-IP
@ASAM3_GET-Read Variable Value from ECM via CUTY
@ASC-Send Command to Asynchronous Device
@AUXILIARY_TASK-Launch Special Support Task
@BACKGROUND-Run Computed Command in the Background
@BACKGROUND_PRIORITY-Set Priority Value in the Background

@BACKGROUND_TASK-Run Command or Task in the Background
@CONTROL_TOLERANCE-Specify Control Variable Tolerance
@CREATE_EVENT-Create Event for gp_test
@CREATE_EXPRESSION -Create Computed Expression for gp_test
@CREATE_TRANSITION_EVENTS-Create Transition Event for gp_test
@CREATE_VAR-Create CyFlex variable in gp_test
@CYBER-Change Operating Parameters of Cyber Application
@CYBER_ACTIONS-Set execution paths for CYBER commands
@DEVCOM-Specify Communication Parameters for Smart Device
@DEVCOM_ACTIONS-Communicate with Smart Device using AK Protocol
@DYNO-Specify Dyno Controller Mode and open_loop Position
@ELSE_MODE-Specify Alternate Mode or Procedure to Execute (@ELSE_MODE)
@EMAIL-Send Email or Pager Message
@ENGINE_CONTROL_MODE-Specify Method of Engine & Dyno Control
@FEED_FORWARD- Specify Controller Feed-forward Characteristics
@FR_LOG_FILE-Specify Data File for Logging Fuel Readings
@FUEL_READING-Initiate Fuel Readings for PAM datapoint
@FUEL_READING_STATS-Take Fuel Samples until Criteria Met
@FUEL_READING_SYNC-Synchronize Processes to Generate PAM Datapoint
@GET_FF_GAIN-Get Value of Feed-forward Gain
@GET_PID_GAINS-Get Value of PID Gains and Store in Real Variables
@IF_FALSE-Variables or Expressions Required as FALSE to Execute Mode
@IF_TRUE-Variables or Expressions Required as TRUE to Execute Mode
@LIMIT_SPECS-Set Limit for Terminating Mode
@LIMIT_SPECS_ALL-Set Limits Required Simultaneously to Terminate Mode
@LOOP_CONTROL-Specify a Repetitive Loop Operation
@MODE-Specify Mode Number, Time, Next Mode and Description
@NO_RUN_PROCEDURE-Read Procedure into Memory before Executing
@OTHER_CTRL_VAR-Specify Reference Value as Control Variable Target
@OUT_CHAN_CONFIG-Reconfigure Control Output Channel
@PAM_DATAPOINT-Create PAM Datapoint without Forcing Fuel Reading
@PAM_GROUP_LIST-Tag a Datapoint as a Member of a Group
@PARAMETERS-Modify CyFLex Variables
@PATH_OPTIONS- Variables or Executables Required as TRUE to Execute Mode
@PID_GAINS-Modify PID Controller Gain
@PROCEDURE-Jump To Sub-procedure
@RAMP-Ramp A Variable
@RAMP_DYNAMIC-Ramp A Variable
@SET_DISPLAY_STATUS-Change Variable Color
@SET_EVENTS-Send Event Messages
@SPAWN_CO_PROCESS-Start An Application
@SPEED-Set Engine Speed Target
@STABILITY-Stability Specifications
@SWITCH-Switch Mode Based on Index
@TERM_ALL_EVENTS-Terminate Mode
@TEST_CYCLE_END-End Test By Cycle Count
@TEST_TABLE-Read Variable Values
@THROTTLE-Set Throttle Position
@TORQUE-Set Engine Torque
@UNICO commands
@USER_LOOP-Send control loop commands
@VZ_CONFIG-Virtual Zeroing
@WRITE_VALUES-Write To a File