15: Sensor Calibration and Reporting

Command Purpose
active_tables Identify the calibration tables that are currently in use as identified in the inpt_specsṄNN file.
bld_tables Build calibration tables.
cal_rpts Use this Operations personnel script to perform periodic calibrations of sensors on a test system.
cal_x_units Identify the units of the x-variable in the calibration table.
chg_pr_index Change the index of a POLY_RANGE calibration table.
conv_table_units Convert the engineering units data within the calibration table to the specified units.

Identify calibration tables newer than a specified age.


Convert a raw count value to an engineering units value for a designated channel.


Read a calibration table file, insert the specified units, and write the modified table.

table_find Identify calibration tables that are in use and those which are not in use.
table_report Produce a summary of the currently active calibrations in comparison to the previous calibration.
update_loc Update “local” calibration tables.
vzs Manage a multi-range gas analyzer.
vzs_sensor Manage a single range device such as a pressure transducer.