Compute air mass flow on a continuous basis per the 1065 standard.


cfv_1065 priority process_interval spec_file [+c] [d]


priority Specify the task priority.
process_interval Specify the process interval rate to process the computations. Specify an interval that was specified for the scheduler. The interval value is in milliseconds.
spec_file Specify the full path and specification filename.
+c Optional. Specify this flag to identify the task as critical to the watchdog . This option is mutually exclusive with the d option.
d Optional. Specify this option to print values and calculations. This option is mutually exclusive with +c.


cfv_1065 12 1000 /specs/cfv_spec.214 +c &
The preceding command spawns cfv_1065’in the background at a priority of 12. The computations are performed once every one hundred milliseconds using the specifications in the file /specs/cfv_specs.214. The task is also assigned to be a critical task. As a result, if the task ever stops responding to the watchdog, any test that is running will be aborted.


The cfv_1065 task will register it’s name with the filename (not the full pathname), in this case “cfv_specs.214”.  This name can be used by the ‘re-read’ command to request that it update the specifications by reading the specification file again.  This feature allows the specifications to be changed “on-the-fly” without slaying and restarting the app. 

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