Statistical evaluation at input channels


em_ave <list of variables> <sample time in sec>


list of variables Specify the variables to sample.
sample time in seconds Specify the duration of the evaluation in seconds.


em_ave my_var1 my_var2 30
sample these 2 variables at the FAS rate for 30 seconds and print the statistics (ave, std_dev, min, max)


Reports mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, and range of analog input channels in millivolts.

This process runs repetitively until cancelled with a Ctrl-C. The data is sampled at the fastest rate supported by continuous analog input, normally 20 Hz.

For the data to be meaningful, the channels should all be specified to have the “FAS” rate and should have 0.0 for the filter constant.

See Also:

ai_specs, CyFlex Calibration Tables and Utilities