Process analog input specifications.


ai_specs [input_specification_file] [add]



Optional. Specify the input specification filename. The default isĀ /specs/inpt_specs.nnn.


Optional. Specify a string that indicates that the AI channels specified in input_specification_file should be added to existing channels in memory. If this option is specified, an input_specification_file must also be specified.


The above command processes the file inpt_specs.nnn for analog input channels at test cell nnn.

ai_specs das16 add
The above command adds the specified AI channels in the file ‘das16’ to the channels that already exist in memory.

start_cont das16 add
The above command is required for the analog input channels created by ai_specs to be updated.


The ai_specs command processes the specified input specification file for the analog input channels that are specified within it. The default input specification file is named inpt_specs.nnn, where nnn represents the three digit test cell n.

To successfully configure analog input channels, the calibration tables associated with each input channel must be defined and active prior to issuing the ai_specs command. This is accomplished by issuing the command “bld_tables”.

See Also:

bld_tables, di_specs, fici_specs, Calibration Tables and Utilities, start_cont