Use this application to monitor the “overrideOFF” event that is a transition event associated with the “var_override” variable.

If the “var_override” variable is turned OFF when it was formerly ON, this transition event will be emitted by the process (usually svar) that changed the value.

The “override_mon” application will receive the event and search shared memory for any REAL, INTEGER, LOGICAL, or STRING variable which has the override enabled (override_active member is TRUE). For any variable it finds in the override mode, it will reset it to the normal non-override mode and it will restore the value of the variable to the value saved in the “restore_value” member of the variable. This is the value that would be placed there when the variable prior to being in the override mode or it might be the value placed there by any process that is trying to do a normal update of the variable when it is in override mode.


override_mon &




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This application should be launched in the go.scp startup script and can be placed anywhere after the “sys_start” command.

See Also:

svar, gvar, sovr, override_status