Use this command to change the override mode of a variable and to change the value of the variable if the master override flag is set.


sovr  <variable_label>  [value | -off | -on]


variable_label Specify the name of the variable.
value Optionally specify the value to which variable is set.
-off Specify this flag to reset the override mode of the variable to OFF.
-on Specify this flag to set the override mode of the variable to ON. This is the default if not specified.


sovr  engine_hours  13.5
The above command places the engine_hours variable in override mode and if the master override variable (var_override) is TRUE, sets the value to 13.5

sovr  my_var  -on
If the master override is TRUE, this command places the ‘my_var’ variable into override mode. It does not change the value of the variable. The current value of the variable will be save as the value to be restored when the override mode is turned off.

sovr  my_var  -off
This command sets the override mode off for the ‘my_var’ variable and restores the value saved prior to entering the override mode.

The default action is to set the override mode on when this option is not used.


The sovr command sets the value of the specified variable in the units of the specified variable.

The master override variable is defined as index 399 in /cell/logi_specs. It should have the label “var_override”.

See Also:

svar, gvar, override_mon, override_status