30: Weigh Room Applications

Command Purpose
envmon Periodically post environmental data to the weighroom database when environmental events occur.
esvdmon Monitor esvd data records for cvs database data.
filt_data_save Store test data from the test cells to the filter room database CVS and SER tables.
filtDataMove Move data files from the /data/filterdata/hold subdirectories to the /data/filterdata/ready subdirectories.
filter_detail_rpt Gather information about the sample and reference filters and session information.
M5P Perform the interface task for a weigh room Sartorius scale.
MT-SIS Perform the interface task for a weigh room Mettler scale.
scale Perform the generic interface task for a weigh room weighing scale.


Execute a GUI program to manually Load or Unload filter_id and puck_id records in the weighroom database tables.


Execute a GUI program that steps through the process of loading and unloading filter pucks with corresponding filters and saving corresponding records in the weighroom database.


Spawn all subordinate tasks and provide an interface to the filter scanner that initiates all filter actions. This is the main task for weigh room automation.


Execute a GUI program to generate a report for a specified weighroom operator for a specified date/time range.  The generated report will contain details of how many weighing actions have been performed by the specified user for the specified date and time. 


Manage file transfer for filter records from the CyFlex weigh room systems to a UNIX database repository.


Generate a session report for the specified session number.