Calculate running average of CyFlex variables.

This application performs statistical calculation and consumes a larger portion of CPU time. If a running mean average is all that is required use the rave application.


run_aver <name> <priority> <interval1> [interval2] [interval3]… <+c>



Specify the name to use to register this instance of the task with the OS.


Specify the priority of this instance to assign to this task by the OS.


Specify the period interval at which this task will communicate with the master scheduler. The value of this argument must be one of the intervals supported by the scheduler task.


Optional. Specify additional intervals this task will use to communicate with the scheduler. They must be one of the intervals supported by the scheduler task. A total of three intervals may be specified.


Optional. Specify this flag to indicate the task will be registered with the scheduler as a critical task.


run_aver RA_smoc 14 1000 +c&
The above command spawns the task ‘run_aver’ in the background. The registered name with the OS is ‘RA_smoc’. The task will be assigned a priority of 14 with the OS and the interval used to communicate with the scheduler is 1.0 sec. It will also be registered with the scheduler as a critical task.


Once the task is running it must be configured by executing the ra_specs command. The task can be configured in one of two ways. One way is to define averaging interval as a number of samples to be taken at the specified rate. The second way is to use CyFlex events to define the averaging interval at the specified rate.

See Also:

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