Use of msu_set

Recently, we have encountered some issues with MSU data and displays related to whether the engine or ‘test object’ is actually running.  A cell may show up on the monitor as running when the engine is not, or vice versa.

Some of these issues have been tracked down to an incorrect application of the “msu_set” command, usually in a script or in a gp_test procedure.

It is okay to have a gp_test procedure set an MSU state with this command to indicate test progress, such as “Waiting on Engineering” or similar states, but the “msu_set” command should not be used to set the “Running” state on or off.  The management of the “Running” state is handled by the “cell_mon” application which automatically sets the “Running” state and also handles the “Unexpected Shutdown” and “Starter Disable” states.

In future CyFlex releases, we will not allow the “msu_set” command to modify the “Running” state, so it would be a good idea to clean this up now if you have any cases where it is doing that.