Process frequency and counter input specifications.


fici_specs   [input_spec_file]   [add]


input_spec_file Optional. Specify the input specification filename. The default is inpt_specs.nnn.
add Optional unless input_spec_file is specified. Specify a string that indicates to add the FI and CI channels specified in input_spec_file should be added to existing channels in memory.


The above command processes the file inpt_specs.nnn for frequency/counter input channels at test cell nnn.

fici_specs   dcc20  add
The above command adds the FI and CI channels specified in the file ‘dcc20’ to the channels that already exist in memory.


The fici_specs command configures the frequency/counter input channels as specified in the input specification file.

Use the errs command to check for errors following use of fici_specs. 

Channels can also be added via the PNP approach by adding a line to the file /specs/pnp/inpt_specs_pnp that contains the label of a LOGICAL_VARIABLE and the name of the spec file that has the DI channels that should be added when the LOGICAL_VARIABLE is TRUE.

See Also:

ai_specs, di_specs, errs