Process digital input specifications.


di_specs  [input_spec_file]  [add]


input_spec_file Optional. Specify the input specification filename. The default filename is inpt_specs.nnn.
add Optional unless input_spec_file is specified. Specify a string that indicates that the DI channels specified in the input_spec_file should be added to existing channels in memory.


The above command processes the digital input channels in the file inpt_specs.nnn assuming the command is executed at test cell nnn.

di_specs /specs/inpt_specs.cell_DI add
The above command adds the DI channels specified in the file ‘cell_DI’ to the channels that already exist in memory.

start_cont /specs/inpt_specs.cell_DI add
The above command is required for the digital input channels created by di_specs to be updated.


The di_specs command causes the digital input channels to be configured as specified in the input specification file.

Use the errs command to check for errors after using this command.

See Also:

ai_specs, fici_specs, errs, start_cont