Start communication with the Applied Tech  Anemometer


anemometer &






This command is normally placed in /cell/go.scp so that it starts automatically when CyFlex is started.

The ASC configuration file “/specs/AT_ANE.cfg” file must exist.

A copy of the AT_ANE.cfg file is located in cyflex/specs.def at CTC and in /specs.def at “cmxnode1”

The following real variables will be created:
variable            units           desc.
wnd_spd_u    m/sec    The value of the U direction wind spd
wnd_spd_v    m/sec    The value of the V direction wind spd
wnd_spd_w   m/sec    The value of the W direction wind spd
wnd_temp      deg_c    The value of the wind temperature

The Applied Tech. anemometer streams 4 values. They are the wind speed in three directions (x,y, and z directions) and the temperature.

An event called “anemometer_comm_loss” is created and set if the communications from the device stops. The event can be used in er_specs, gp_test, etc., to provide a mechanism to email support personnel.

See Also:

er_specs, gp_test