Transfer one CyFlex variable into another while applying an offset, gain, and recursive filter.


var_transfer <name> <priority> <rate> [+c] &



Specify the registered name of this instance.


Specify the execution priority of the process.


Specify the rate at which the scheduler will signal the process to execute. This should be only ONE of the 4 continuous rates that are assigned to FAS, MED, SLO, and WARP rates. These may also be specified with the “FAS”, “MED”, “SLO”, or “WARP” strings.


Optional. Specify this flag to indicate that the task is critical. If the task aborts or does not respond to the scheduler, the watchdog will shutdown the test.


var_transfer var_t 15 FAS &
The above spawns the variable transfer task with a priority of 15 and the scheduler would signal it to run FAS rate. The registered name would be “var_t”.

The default registered name is “VarTransfer”. If the 1st argument is left out, this name will be used.
example: var_transfer 15 FAS &


This task is normally spawned in the go script and is not started from the command line.  Transfer variables are listed in a variable transfer specification file for applications other than eng_ctrl_specs and user_ctrl_specs.  These applications process the transfer specifications internally.

See Also:

          varx_specs, user_ctrl_specs.def and eng_ctrl_specs.def files