Set User Control Loop Ramping


u_ramp <mode> <ctrler> [rate]



Specify the desired control loop ramping mode. Specify one of the following modes. Note that theĀ capital letters indicate the minimum number of characters that must be entered.

  • ON_c to turn on Closed loop ramping.
  • OFf_c to turn off Closed loop ramping.
  • Rate_c: specify the value of Closed loop ramp rate.
  • ON_O to turn on Open loop ramping.
  • OFF_O to turn off Open loop ramping.
  • RATE_O: specify the value of Open loop ramp rate.


Specify the name of the controller performing the control.


Optional. Specify the ramp rate value in units/sec. ‘units’ are the units of the control variable. If the rate is not a numerical value, it is assumed to be the label of a real variable which contains the ramp rate.


u_ramp On fuel_in_temp
The above command starts ramping in the closed loop mode for the fuel_in_temp controller.

u_ramp rate_o fuel_in_temp 1.5
The above command sets the open loop ramp rate for the fuel_in_temp controller to 1.5 deg_F/sec.

u_ramp ON_O intake_man_temp 5.8
The above command turns on the open loop ramping for the intake_man_temp controller AND sets the ramp rate to 5.8 deg_F/sec.

u_ramp ON_O intake_man_temp int_ramp_rate
The above command turn ons open loop ramping for the intake_man_temp controller AND sets the ramp rate to the value contained in the variable int_ramp_rate.


The mode argument may be either upper or lower case.

Enabling ramping and specifying the ramp rate can be combined for the open loop mode ONLY.

Use the controller name that is specified in the control specs file under the keyword @USER_CTRL_LOOP. If the old ctrl_specs file format is being used, then the controller name is the name found on the line that contains the user control loop number.

See Also:

u_gains, u_target, u_mode, CyFlex User Control Loops