12: Test Manager

Command Purpose
adv Advance gp_test mode
alicat_massflow Start communications with Alicat Scientific Mass and Volumetric Precision Gas Flow Controller 1500 SLPM model. It reads the volumetric flow and mass flow of CO2 once every second. Allows a set-point from 0 SLPM to 1500 SLPM full scale flow.
ck Check gp_test specification
comptest Perform computations for CyFlex variables which have an evaluation expression associated with them and which are unique to an instance of the Test Manager (gp_test).
engine_start Launch the engine_start application from gp_test as an @AUXILIARY_TASK procedure.
exec_script Execute a script file that will return either a 0, which means a ‘pass’ condition or a -1 value which means a ‘fail’ condition. This task must be spawned via the gp_test @AUXILIARY_TASK keyword.
fr sim Simulate the DI actions generated by a Cummins fuel scale.
gp_stop Send a “stop_test” event to gp_test.
gp_test Run the Test Manager.
hold Hold gp_test in the current mode.
idle Send an idle_mode event to gp_test.
nt Process a new gp_test specification.
release Release gp_test from hold.
release_gptest Release gp_test instance resources and exit the system.
stability Manage specifications in a gp_test procedure.
state_mon Perform actions to determine if the state of specified variables matches the state of specified values.
suspend Suspend gp_test in the current mode.
vrbl_file_renum Renumber a Horizontal format FURBALL spec file.
vrbl_to_file Read or write variables to/from a file which is in a spreadsheet-like format.