17: ECM Communication

Command Purpose
asam3cli Communicate with the MC system.
asam3_cmd Send commands via the MC system to engine ECMs. Each time a program is run, it is an instance of that program.
asam3_ctrl PID control through an ECM Variable.
asam3_faults Poll the asam3 client/server system for the current ECM faults and make them available to the CyFlex system. This task should work with multiple ECMs (datasources).
asam3_get Get a value for a specific ECM variable.
asam3_initvar Create variables in shared memory that might be needed in calculations before running asam3_specs.
asam3_poll Send a request to the client for the latest values on systems which do not support User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Each time a program is run, it is an instance of that program.
asam3_set Set an ECM variable value.
asam3_shutdown Stop streaming and shut down all data connections.
asam3_specs Process ASAM3 TCP Monitoring Specs.
asam3_stop Stop streaming and close all data connections.
as_specs Read ASAM3 control specifications.
dynlink Update the dynlink interface.
dynlink_tst Test the interface to Unico Dynos via the dynlink interface.

Fetch raw value from a counter channel.

get_hz Acquire the frequency that an input channel is sampled.
GoalDrv Process transmit request events to GOAL through serial port.
GoalMgr Process test command events sent from gp_test.
parse_a2l Parse an a2l file to retrieve all required data.