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Gantner Q.bloxx X-series IO can be purchased and used to communicate with CyFlex

Starting with cyflex.6.3.33 or cyflex.7.0.8B, Gantner Q.bloxx X-series IO can be purchased and used to communicate with CyFlex.  eblox_srvr has been modified to allow UDP streaming with these devices, and our EtherCAT driver has been updated to support the Gantner Q.bloxx X-series modules which support EtherCAT communication. For using eblox_srvr, the Q.station XB is the

CyberApps caFUNCTIONS explained

caLoad This command: Checks if another CyberApp is registered Checks if the cyber_labels appropriate to this application have been loaded Loads the specified Cyberapp, executes one time step, and goes into the paused state.  Usage: $ caLoad CyberCarPTGEM caRun This command: Sends a config event to the CyberApp process to put it into RUNNING state. 

A new RPM should be installed

Oracle production databases are getting upgraded from version 12c to 19c soon.  For java programs at the test cells to correctly connect to the new version of the databases, the jdbc_oracle_12c_to_19c_update RPM must be installed. This RPM makes changes to configuration files pertaining to connection strings to the different Oracle databases. All the files that

User Guide for ErrorViewer application available

Starting with the cyflex.6.3.24 version, the ErrorViewer GUI is included with the installation of CyFlex. The new ErrorViewer GUI allows a user to explore the errors reported by CyFlex. The GUI allows a user to filter a large number of errors down to what they need. It provides filtering based on application, severity, and time,

Mach Tools are available for CyFlex

Engineering users who retrieve test cell data from DARTS may not know that Mach is the system behind the scenes which performs all the calculations. These calculations are now available at the test cell. In addition, Mach tools are available at the test cell to help in setting test cells up so that all measured

Information about DARTS

A new database has been added called DARTS, and the 6.3.x versions of CyFlex have new tasks to communicate with the DARTS database. The DARTS database replaces the PAM database with new and improved features for better data acquisition outside of CyFlex. The purpose of DARTS database is to address some long-time user needs which

Spectre Meltdown should be disabled in SL6.9

If SL6.9 is installed on a system, it is recommended that the following steps should be executed to disable Spectre Meltdown: If CyFlex is running, then shut it down: $ slay_stuff Make a copy of the GRUB menu interface configuration file before editing: $ cd /boot/grub $ sudo cp grub.conf grub.conf.bak Edit the GRUB menu

A Process Exists for Monitoring the ExternalDataManager for MSU Data Loading

Have you noticed that the ExternalDataManager for MSU stops running from time to time? The cyflex_check_msu_loading RPM has been created to help with this problem. The following is a description of the what the RPM file does: Changes made for Jira issue CCS-1077 / CFBUG-2448: cyflex_check_msu_loading RPM created The cyflex_check_msu_loading RPM installs /etc/cron.hourly/ file The

specs.def and cell.def are included in cyflex.6.3 versions

For cyflex.6.3 versions, the specs.def and cell.def directories have been moved under the cyflex directory in order to keep those files version specific. You will find them at /cyflex/specs.def and /cyflex/cell.def   The files under the /specs.def and /cell.def directories are no longer maintained.  If you are running a cyflex.6.3 version, the /cell.def and /specs.def

Bug with application of @LIMIT_SPECS_ALL keyword in Test Manager (gp_test)

In all versions of CyFlex prior to the 6.3.24 release, there is a bug in how the @LIMIT_SPECS_ALL keyword is handled in gp_test. Example Usage:     @LIMIT_SPECS_ALL        #exit_path        MODE_TERMINATE        #list_of_limits        #Variable  value       Upper/Lower  process_interval  period        A          100[rpm]    L            SLO               0[s]        B          my_limits   U            MED              

New control tasks conversion tips and new features

ctrl_spec_converter script A script has been created for CyFlex release 6.3.24 to simplify the process of going from the old control programs to the new control programs. The script uses entries in your ctrl_specs.xx file to populate an eng_ctrl_specs.xx file. See the example below: [tc1@mynode1 specs]$ ctrl_spec_converter /specs/ctrl_specs.1 Your new eng_ctrl_specs file can be found documentation format changes

The PDFs in the CyFlex Manuals section on have undergone retrofit to SGS-centric templates to convey a consistent look and feel across the document collection. For applicable PDFs, table of contents entries, intra-document cress-references, and cross-document links are active/clickable. The Subversion library has been updated in parallel with to facilitate Cummins Wiki alignment.

Critical bug found within limit task

A critical bug in the “limit” task has been uncovered by CTC in the cyflex.6.2.17 and cyflex.6.2.16 versions. This bug may be encountered as it is a somewhat time sensitive issue and the “time-window” is related to the number of limit specifications. This bug causes the abort_limit and emergency events to occur when the limit_specs

Critical bug found in gp_test within cyflex.6.2.16 and cyflex.6.2.17

A critical bug in “gp_test” has been uncovered by staff at CTCC.  This bug has existed for many years since the introduction of the “immediate” mode timeout which is specified by a negative timeout value such as “-1[sec]”.  The negative timeout means that the test mode has no countdown clock and the mode actions will

Use of msu_set

Recently, we have encountered some issues with MSU data and displays related to whether the engine or ‘test object’ is actually running.  A cell may show up on the monitor as running when the engine is not, or vice versa. Some of these issues have been tracked down to an incorrect application of the “msu_set”