11: Utilities and User Commands

Command Purpose
add_wd_ev Add a CyFlex event to be monitored by the ‘cyflex_wd’ task.
add_wd_inperrs Add Input Error events from all active devices in system attributes.
caLoad Performs checks and launches downstream CyberApps utilities.
cell_map_db_create_insert Create/Insert/Update /data/cell_map.db with contents of the /data/cell_map.SITE files.
clear_error Send a message to the error manager that will cause the error message queue to be deleted. Running the command “errs” after this will only show errors generated after the clear_error command was issued.
clr_notify_msg Clear all notify messages from console screens.
clr_safety_msg Clear all safety messages from console screens.
cre8_script Generate a script file containing a line for all nodes within the /data/cell_map file for a specified type of system.
cre8_secure_login_pwd Create an encrypted password file for the secure_vrbl_chg program.
critical Make a task critical
ctlgevlist Set event with string content
cyflex_wd Monitor events for watchdog conditions.
cyflexlogevent Provide and use a command line interface to add entries to the CyFlex system log.
darts_datapoint Control the sequencing and reporting of various channel measurements.
dec2hex Convert a decimal to a hexadecimal equivalent.
deg2mv Convert a temperature value to an equivalent millivolt value by working backward through a “long” calibration table for a designated channel.


Delete an event from monitoring by the watchdog task.
delay Read the delay.nnn spec file to determine what streams of data are produced from variable 1 to variable 2 while introducing a delay. The delay is a specified number of samples and a specified sample interval. Within the spec file, there can be a maximum of 32 lines.
dspec_qt5_conv Create a .ui file from a dsply_specs.nnn file.
dumpit Display table of all active CyFlex variables.
dump_csar_lookup Display CSAR variable labels.
dump_labels Display table of all active CyFlex variables.
dy_ff Switch dyno feed forward ON/OFF
elb Insert a electronic logbook entry into the the /specs/log/log.nnn file. The user is prompted to enter in their RACFID and a comment to be written to the logbook.
eo Execute a specified command on a file.
err_codes Obtain an error description associated with a given error code or number.
errc Obtain error code information.
er_report Create a database importable version of er_specs.
errs Retrieve errors from the error manager database.
evreal Event content to real


Produce a filtered dump of CyFlex variables.
flash_rpt Use this generic report writer to convert a template into a point-in-time report that contains variable label/value/units for each label tag found in a template file.
flexui_specs Configure display consoles with a specified display specification file.
framp Apply a ramp to a variable.
garb_ck Check a file for non-printable characters.
get_cart_info Obtain emission cart assignment information.
get_hostname Find the hostname of a specified testcell and place the result into a specified CyFlex string variable.
get_mapped_file Get the location of a mapped file or resource.
get_mapped_host Get the hostname of a mapped file or resource.
get_site_cfg Get the @SITE_CONFIG entry in the cvs_specs file.
get_tc_name Print the cell name to the standard output (std_out).
get_tc_num Return the numerical equivalent of  a cell_name.
get_vrbl_age Return the value of the time in seconds since a variable(s) was last updated.
gval Display/return the value of a CyFlex XXX_VARIABLE.
gvals Output the values of a list of variables.
gvar Get the value of a variable.
hex2dec Convert a hexadecimal to a decimal equivalent.
is_name_ready Determine if a particular application is running, provided that it has registered its name.
learnit Learn a test cycle.
limit_status Display the current state of all limits in the system.
list_wd_ev List the events currently being monitored by the CyFlex watchdog task.
LV_test Simple functional test of the LV interface. LV stands for LabView, but it really applies to any external interface that needs to access information about CyFlex variables.
make_tri_arrays Create array variables to hold the contents of tri_specs.dat
merge_keyword_files Merge 2 files which use keywords into one file.
mkdate Save a date/time value to specified variable(s).

Create the directories under the /data directory on a central node for the specified site.


Create the directories under the /data directory on a test cell node

mk_PAMtestids Create files within the /data/PAMtestids directory.
mk_string_tran Create a transition event for a string variable.

Produce a log file and Electronic Log entry that documents all tests and associated TRVs.

noncritical Make a task not critical.
ramp Apply a ramp to a variable.
re-read Send a re-read event message to an application whose registered name matches the argument.
recal_spd_pm Recalibrate the speed and period measurement tables.
release_task Release task instance resources and exit the system.
rm_event Remove a permanent CyFlex event.
rm_headers_in_btw Remove extraneous headers in a floger output file.
rnd_trip Hard-wire an analog output (ao) on eblox or snapio to a analog input (ai) for eblox or snapio and record how long it takes after the ao change to see the value on the ai channel.
roadspeed_oly Obtain the vehicle speed from an ECM as used in a particular pickup truck.
rpm_change_log Gather information from the History section of the document section to produce a report of changes that have been made to a file between the specified start and end dates.
rstr_pnp_dat Restore the values of any pnp logical variables that have been saved.
rtsched Start a program with real-time schedule options.
set_color Set the color of a variable (REAL, LOGICAL, INTEGER, STRING, or array).
secure_vrbl_chg Allow an authorized user to change the value of private shared memory variables.
setAEI_time Get the current time and sets a string variable with the time in a format that is compatible with AEI multiFilter change cart.
setev Set a CyFlex event.
setevint Set an event with integer content.
setevlist Set an event with string content.
setevparam Set an event with additional structure message data. Use this if the event you want to set is complex and not something that can be set with setevint or setevstr. You must know beforehand what the event structure looks like and create a file for it.
setevstr Set an event with string content.
settoll Change the compressed history tolerance value for a list of variables.

Print the available memory size for common shared memory areas allocated for CyFlex variables and the portion of that which is used.

sigmon Monitor a list of given events (up to 20).
simple_elb Insert an electronic logbook entry into the the /specs/log/log.nnn file. The user is prompted to enter in their RACFID and a comment to be written to the logbook.
sine Apply a sine function to a variable
snap Search all CyFlex shared memory areas which contain arrays of CyFlex variables and print the label, value, and units, if the variable has the “display_active” member TRUE.
squarew Apply a square_wave function to a variable.
tcs_more Attempt to communicate with each CyFlex system that is defined in the /data/cell_map file.
wait_for_event Wait for a specified event or for a specified number of seconds.
windows_reader Transfer and read a windows file from a samba link, store the data from the file into cyflex variables, and then delete the file.