2: Variables and Computations

Command Purpose
alias_labels Read a specification file containing alias/label matches.
arr_size Determine the size of array variable or a particular dimension of the variable.
arr_specs Process array specifications.

Process user-defined expressions created by the gen_labels task.


Create and initialize variables from the command line or from within a script. The arguments vary depending on the data type REAL variable.

em_ave Statistical evaluation at input channels.
garr Display specified array variables.
garr_all Display all array variable values or a specified array variable value.
gen_labels Process general usage variable specifications.
gen_solver Find the roots for a general function f(X).
MEDOR_set Update a composition variable based on the concentrations defined in a set of real variables and to write an output file for loading into a database.

Monitor the “overrideOFF” event that is a transition event associated with the “var_override” variable.

override_status Test the override mode of a variable. The output (stdout) will be “On” or “Off” return of 0 for success and 1 for any error.
release_compvar Release compvar instance resources and exit the system.
release_evaluate Release evaluate instance resources and exit the system.

Restore array values.

rstr_save_dat Restore variables from disk.
rvar Remove variable(s) created by the cvar application.
sarr Set array elements.
sarru Set units of an array variable or to show units and units_code.
save_list Specify a variable to maintain on disk.
save_status Save CyFlex variables on disk.
set_active Activate a CyFlex input variable.
set_alias Create or modify an alias label.
set_inactive Set a CyFlex input variable inactive.
show_gen Show computed strings.
sovr Change the override mode of a variable and change the value of the variable if the master override flag is set.
spcl_chans Process special channel specifications.

Set the value of a variable or list of variables.

varx_specs Process specifications that will be used by the var_transfer program.
var_transfer Transfer one CyFlex variable into another while applying an offset, gain, and recursive filter.

This utility will force the contents of an array variable to be written to a disk file in /data/<label.array