CyFlex Manuals

1: Introduction

2: Variables

CyFlex Variables, Units and Computed Expressions

Array Variables

3: Events

CyFlex Events

4: User Computations

Creating User Computations and User Variables

5: Data Display

Operator Display User Guide

XYPlot User Guide

Stripchart User Guide

LoggerPlot User Guide

HistoryPlot User Guide

6: Limits Monitoring

Limits Monitoring Applications

7: Control Systems

CyFlex User Control Loops

Engine Controls

Event Response Utility

Pulse Width Modulation Control

Autotuning PID Loops

Knowledge Article
Converting from Old to New Control Programs

8: Statistical Sampling

Statistical Variables and Sampling

9: Data Collection & Logging

AVL Link Application User Guide

Duty Cycle Analysis User Guide

Fast Data Logger Application User Guide

Logging Data using dlogger User Guide

Federal Smoke Cycle User Guide

Compressed History Data

Locomotive Smoke Cycle Report

PAM Data Collection and Transfer

Knowledge Articles
Converting from PAM to DARTS
Floger Data Collection with Pre and Post Trigger
Emissions Bench Multiplexing for PAM/DARTS and EDA

10: Standard Services

Computing a Turbocharger Surge Margin

Knowledge Article
Updating Email Aliases

11: Utilities & User Commands

Error Viewer User Guide
LabView Interface Setup and Reference

Knowledge Articles
Files Cleanup
Usercron Utility

12: Test Manager

Common Test Manager Keywords

Test Manager Procedure File Keyword Organization

Introduction to state_mon

Test Manager Support Tasks And Keywords

TDACS Testing (Test Tables and Procedures)

Monitoring Test Cell State (Variables) with state_mon

Test Manager User Guide

For definitions of Test Manager Keywords, CLICK HERE

13: Cell Utilization, MSU & Reporting


14: IO Systems

GModBus Device Drivers Setup

CAN bus Interface Setup and Use

EtherCAT Setup

15: Sensor Calibration & Reporting

CyFlex Calibration Tables and Utilities

Three Dimensional Tables Reference

Virtual Zero and Span Reference

16: Smart Instrument Interfaces

Device Communication User Guide

Fridley Test Cell Interface with Horiba

Multi-Load Bank Control User Guide

17: ECM Communications

ASAM3 MC Interface Setup

18: Internodal Communications

Internodal Communications Task Reference

Connection Server Setup

Windows Reader

19: Fluid Flow Computations

Air Mass Flow Computation

Fuel Air Total Computation

Continuous Fuel Measurement User Guide

Computing Critical Air Mass Flow

Computing Gas Stream Composition and Mass Flow

Determining Subsonic Air Flow

Computing Volumetric Efficiency

Knowledge Articles
Determining Gas Mixture Composition
Real-Time CVS Flow Equations for Subsonic Venturies 
Critical Flow Venturi Calculations per 40CFR1065.640
Laminar Flow Element (LFE) Calculations

20: Fluid Composition & Properties

Composition and Property Variables

21: Emissions Computations & Communications

CVS Run Number Management

22: Miscellaneous Technical Reference

Master Scheduler

Abatement System Tasks and Files

Knowledge Articles
Function Codes
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Calculations 
Step-by-Step EGR Calculations  
Calculating Stack NOx Emissions Using EPA Method 19
Crank Angle Sampled Moving Average – Calculations  
Natural Gas Burner Sizing Calculations  
Natural Gas Burner Sizing Flow Chart  
Pitot Tube Calculations  
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Metering
Burned Gas/Emissions
Burned Gas Composition  
Burned Gas Composition from Measured Composition 
Simplified Burned Gas Composition  
Exhaust Gas Composition  
Gaseous Emissions  
Component Balances  
Reactant Stream Composition and Molecular Weight  
Combustion Air Handler
Component Air Handler – Steam Addition  
Combustion Air Handler – Water Side Flow Balancing  
Combustion Air Handler Status

23: Installation Guides

CFS-150, CFS-150M Installation and Calibration Guide

DDC-CFS-101 Setup and Operation

Dust In Fuel (DIF) Rig Reference

Scientific Linux DVD v.31 Installation Procedure

Oracle 64-Bit Installation for CyFlex

24: Particulate Weighing


25: CyFlex Software Development Procedures

Knowledge Articles
CyFlex Beta Validation Procedure  
CyFlex Version Release Process  
Definition of a CyFlex Version Number

26: CyFlex System Applications